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Creating immersive 360 virtual tours of local businesses, real estate listings, and construction projects in South Florida. I also create tours for insurance purposes, moving and measuring, planning, estimates, and more! Drone photography available. Along with those services I offer web design, social media, and marketing consultation. For real estate listings and construction, I get paid when you get paid, call or text to find out more!

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Featured Tour

Take a walkthrough of a local shipping container home by Mesocore!


Real Estate Listings

Show off your listings

Tired of driving around to show your properties? Your buyers can virtually tour your listing from anywhere using their computer, laptop, mobile phone, or even a VR headset! Save time, effort, and money by giving guided tours right from your office! Branded headsets available, please inquire.


Hotels/Short Term Rentals

Show off your hotel, rental property, or AirBnb/VRBO

If you're a hotel owner, landlord, or short term rental owner or property manager, I can help you book your listing by giving your potential guest a feel for your space!


Retail Businesses

Customers can virtually walk through your store and shop online!

Want customers to be able to see inside your business or location? This is a great way to showcase merchandise, products, or services. Embedded links can be used to take customers directly to your online store for a seamless virtual shopping experience!


Construction Projects

Keep track of your project and take measurements

If you're a homeowner or general contractor and want to keep tabs on the progress of your project without visiting the site frequently, this is the service for you! You can accurately take measurements within an inch or two, and I can also produce live video walkthroughs as well which give a sense of immersion. Please contact me for quotes, this can be arranged as a periodic or simply a one-time service.


Insurance Documentation

Dimensionally accurate 3D model for loss documentation

With a 360 virtual tour, you can provide a digital inventory to your insurance agent. If your property gets damaged, I can come back to your property to document the damage with a follow-up tour which can possibly expedite your claim.


About Me

Entrepreneur, Virtual Tour Provider, Nerd

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Hi, I'm Ryan, founder and president of! I studied philosophy and literature at Ave Maria University near Naples, FL and thought I wanted to be a teacher. The more education classes I took, the less I wanted to be in a classroom. Having never lost my love of learning and teaching others, I started PropertyTours after years of being in the corporate world, then becoming a business owner myself.

I am here to help other businesses grow and thrive, and to give myself opportunities to do what I love. Your success is my success. PropertyTours is the fusion of real estate, technology, photography, web design, and an incredible business consultation service. I have never wanted to sit behind a desk all day doing the same thing over and over again, in this line of work I get to go to different properties, capture those properties as they are now, and then participate in the vision of what they could become. And I have seen numerous visions come to fruition!

For listing agents, I create tours so that their clients can "tour" properties without leaving their couch. For business owners, their customers can virtually browse their goods or services. For construction/project managers, clients can keep tabs on the progress of a build and give feedback that will ultimately guide the project to its proper completion. For insurance agents/companies, I can quickly and efficiently capture an inventory of their client's belongings and property just in case something happens. I love helping others and seeing their visions come to life, and this is my vision coming to life too!

I am always looking for new connections and ideas, please feel free to call or email me and we can chat! I am also looking for highly qualified interns to help me grow the business.


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