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Moving? Let's make is easy!

3 Easy Steps

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1. Scan

Schedule a time for me to come scan

Once I create the 3D virtual tour, you will be provided with a digital replica and floorplan of your new home or business. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection to view it and explore the space.

2. Measure

With this scan, we can measure

Within the digital replica or your property, measurements can be taken, accurate to within one inch! You can measure the floorplan to decide where to put large items, or measure windows to put curtains on, the possibilities are endless!

3. Plan

With measurements, we can plan!

As the final step, once you are satisfied with the measurements you need, we can develop a plan for your furniture and large items using 3D models and place them in the virtual space. You can even mark the furniture to be moved into each room!

Moving Service: Video
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